2021 Partnership Opportunity

After several years of renewing contracts with the cities and towns that signed onto the Mass in Motion program in 2011, the MA Department of Public Health (DPH) released a new Request for Responses (RFR) on September 13, 2021 reopening the program for eligible entities to apply by December 13, 2021. Contracts for funded entities will begin in July of 2022 with the potential to renew the contract every 3 – 4 years for a 10-year period.

Communities and organizations that partner with Healthy Hampshire get access to many benefits, including dedicated staff time to support policy, systems, and environmental changes that improve community health. The Department of Public Health also provides technical expertise around these types of changes to Mass in Motion communities free of charge. Historically, DPH has also made certain grants exclusively available to Mass in Motion communities–these grants have ranged from $4,000 to improve disability access in outdoor spaces, to $1.5 million to support evidence-based strategies that reduce chronic disease rates.

We hope that by signing on as many of the communities in Hampshire County and the Southern Hilltowns of Hampden County as possible for the new RFR, Healthy Hampshire and the Collaborative for Educational Services will be a more competitive applicant, ensuring that we can continue to support our partners to foster healthy, livable communities in our region.

This page contains resources you can explore to learn more about the partnership opportunity being presented to Hampshire County and Southern Hilltown communities. It will be updated periodically as new information emerges.

Partners that have already signed onto Healthy Hampshire's Mass in Motion Application


Organizations and Community Groups

Mass in Motion Request for Responses

You can view the Request for Responses and associated documents on COMMBUYS, the state of Massachusetts' online procurement system, by clicking here.

Healthy Hampshire/Mass in Motion Partner Information Session

View the recording of our September 30 information session here or check out the PowerPoint presentation here. The session covered the history of the Healthy Hampshire initiative, basic information about the Mass in Motion funding opportunity, and highlights of our work in Blandford and Amherst.


Healthy Hampshire: Who We Are

This 2-pager provides a summary of Healthy Hampshire's strengths and areas of expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

This document is designed to answer your questions about the opportunity being presented to partner with Healthy Hampshire on the Mass in Motion grant. We plan to update this document as more information becomes available.


Healthy Hampshire: What We Do

This 2-pager highlights some of Healthy Hampshire's key success stories.

Healthy Community Design in Massachusetts Cities and Towns: Williamsburg

This video tells the story of the design challenges the town of Williamsburg has been facing and how Healthy Hampshire has helped the town to address those challenges.

Amherst Mobile Market: Cultivating Change

This video talks about how the community came together to design and implement a mobile farmers market program to support Amherst residents experiencing food insecurity in many different ways. This work was facilitated by Healthy Hampshire.

More to explore

Healthy Hampshire YouTube channel

Our YouTube channel contains videos created by and for Healthy Hampshire, including recordings of the monthly Learning Circles we coordinate as part of our effort to support the emerging Hampshire County Food Policy Council.

Canva scrapbook

This is a visual tour of some of the central work Healthy Hampshire has done over the years.

Amherst Mobile Market website

This website is designed and updated by Healthy Hampshire staff, which is just one of the many ways we support the Amherst Mobile Market.

Hilltown Mobile Market website

Healthy Hampshire supported the planning and implementation of the Hilltown Mobile Market. While we still facilitate the resident advisory committee that guides this program, the program now operates largely independently of Healthy Hampshire.


This website compiles all of the accessible Hilltown walking routes identified by walking map committees in Blandford, Chester, Chesterfield, Cummington, Goshen, Huntington, Westhampton, and Worthington.

What our partners are saying

"Through Healthy Hampshire, my community in Amherst has brought together other parts of the community that did not know each other, we have worked together to create a mobile market for the second year, we have gained knowledge and leadership skills, we have gained access to local farm produce, and a foundation to build upon for co-ops, and entrepreneurship."

"[We have gained] so very much [through our partnership with Healthy Hampshire]. Connection, collaboration and particpation from all sectors of the community, diversity and equity in all processes and decision making. PLUS - food accessibility."

"A community should not hesitate to work with this organization. They do groundbreaking work that can really change the community in very tangible and positive ways."

"You have nothing to lose with partnering with Healthy Hampshire. On the contrary your community will only gain valuable resources."