Williamsburg Complete Streets Policy

In August 2017, the Williamsburg Selectboard voted to approve the complete streets policy!

Town Center Demonstration Day in Williamsburg

The Town of Wiliamsburg, in partnership with Healthy Hampshire and the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, organized Burgy Revelation Day, a one-day event in Fall 2017 that demonstrated through temporary infrastructure improvements how Williamsburg Center can become a more walkable, vibrant place. The event will demonstrate potential greenspace improvements, complete streets improvements, and municipal facilities investments. Burgy Revelation is about revealing opportunities to build on Burgy Center’s unique sense of place–a small relatively complete walkable village center with high quality greenspaces and historic architecture—to make Burgy Village Center more welcoming and appealing to people on foot and bicycle. Long-term, the improvements tested by Burgy Revelation can increase physical activity in Williamsburg through walk-or-bike-to-town activity, in-town recreational walking, park-once pedestrian activity, and active recreation. Click here to view the report by PVPC.

Healthy Hampshire Markets at Williamsburg Market

The Williamsburg Market participated in the Healthy Hampshire Markets pilot program in 2013. The market put up signs throughout the store to help customers identify healthier options. They also increased their inventory of low-salt canned items, produce from local farms, and grab-and-go items near the register.

Healthy Aging in Williamsburg

Healthy Hampshire collaborated with the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC), the Williamsburg Council on Aging, and WalkBoston on a project that examined how healthy aging in Williamsburg is affected by the Town's community design. Williamsburg Healthy Aging and Community Design [PDF], a report written by PVPC, details the findings and recommendations resulting from that project. Healthy Hampshire continues to work with the Williamsburg Council on Aging Director and senior citizen activists in Williamsburg to pursue and advocate for goals emerging from this work.

Williamsburg Facilities Master Plan

The Town of Williamsburg is facing many decisions about facilities siting, upkeep, and development. The Town owns a number of buildings that need to be upgraded or redeveloped, and Town officials are seeking community input about whether and where to build a new public safety complex. To help facilitate this decision-making process, the Town worked with Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC) to develop a Facilities Master Plan. Healthy Hampshire supported this effort with community outreach and engagement to encourage residents to think about how these decisions might impact walkability in Williamsburg. Healthy Hampshire also conducted a town-wide survey which received response from 20% of the population of Williamsburg.